What not to do after you apply for a mortgage.

A mortgage application, of any kind, is suppose to be a "snapshot" of the applicant's employment, income, debt, assets and credit worthiness. Don't move while the lender is trying to take this picture!  


How do you "stand still" and not jeopardize your approval? Follow these rules;


1. Don't quit or changes jobs. 

2. Don't buy anything on credit. This includes credit card purchases.

3. Don't apply for new credit. This could affect your credit score.

4. Don't move large sums of cash from one account to another.

5. Don't payoff, or pay down, your current debts.

6. Don't make your Good Faith Deposit in cash. 


It's possible that you could make any of these moves and still be approved. Just make sure you have a discussion with your loan officer before making these moves.



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