Documents for an Application, Part 1, Income.

Step one in the application process is to document your income.


If you are a wage earner we will need at least your most recent pay stub, the last two years of W-2's and the last two years of 1040's (the first two pages of your federal tax return).


If you receive retirement, Social Security and/or disability income we will need your Award Letter. This is the letter you get toward the end of the year that states how much you will receive per month in the coming year. If these funds are direct deposited into your account, please include your most recent bank statement showing that deposit.


If you are self-employed or write-off expenses we will need your complete federal tax return. This includes all schedules and addendums but no worksheets. 


If you receive alimony and/or child support we will need you divorce decree or legal document stating that your ex has to make these payments.



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