Conventional, FHA/VA and Rural Development construction to permanent financing in Michigan and Georgia. Florida license pending.

Coming soon to Alabama.

Home constructed with an FHA Construction Loan in Michigan.

Construction loan programs can be used to provide construction and end financing for modular and site built homes.


The conventional loan program requires a 10% down payment and minimum credit scores of 680 to 720. The FHA program requires 3.5% down and a 620+ credit score. The VA and Rural Development loans are 0% down programs.


You can use your land equity in lieu of a cash down payment. Your down payment can even be gifted to you.


The FHA construction loan program can be used in as little as 2 years after a Chapter 7 bankruptcy, 3 years after a foreclosure, and you can even qualify while you in a Chapter 13 bankruptcy! To qualify for the conventional loan you will need to wait 7 years in after a foreclosure, 4 years after a bankruptcy. 


With the FHA, VA and RD construction loan programs, you have no payments until the home is completed. With the conventional program you have to make interest payments while the home is being built. 


Call or email me if you have questions or wish to be pre-qualified for the program.


With 3.5% down for FHA, 0% down VA and Rural Development , and a 620 credit score, you may be able to build  a new home!