Conventional, FHA, VA and Rural Development Construction Loans in Michigan, Florida and Georgia.

Higher loan limits for Conventional, FHA and VA loans in 2018, call for details!

Home constructed with an FHA Construction Loan in Michigan.

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I hope you find the information here useful. Let me give you a quick description of some of the guidelines for each program;


Conventional 1x Close- This is the best program with the best rates and fees. One closing, one set of fees. You must have at least a 700 credit score with 20% down, 720 score with 10% down. 


Conventional 2x Close- If you plan on being your own General Contractor, or doing some of the work yourself, this is the program you will have to work with. Two closings, two sets of fees. You will need at least 10% down, more likely 20% and a score in the 700's.


FHA/VA/USDA 1x Close- If you don't qualify for a conventional program these government programs can be the answer. They have lower down payments (3.5% for FHA, 0% for VA and USDA) and lower credit score requirements. You can even roll in the construction loan fees and interest during construction.


Call or email me if you have questions or wish to be pre-qualified.


Welcome to my website on Construction Lending! Take a look around and feel free to call or email me for a personal consultation. I look forward to hearing from you.